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Here are some words of appreciation and gratitude

 Nicholas has received and is happy to share with you:

''My mother feels so much happier now, just the way I knew her many years ago... I can't believe I got her back !'' - Angela
''People often ask me what it is that I have been doing to make myself look and feel this good. They say I'm glowing !'' - Nadia
''I have found the courage to break free from an abusive relationship. Thank you, Nicholas Silver'' - Lindsey

''I find myself standing straighter and walking around now has become a lot easier for me than it used to be.'' - John
''Today my brother is no longer being interned in a psychiatric hospital... thank you for your help !''  - Anonymous

''My husband had lost his appetite... but now he has started eating again... he is also more appreciative and is much nicer to me now than he was before...'' - Anonymous

'' I've been suffering from inexplicable stomach pain for so many years. The doctor told me it was all in my head.  I had tried countless treatments and remedies with no success at all before asking for your help... Thanks to you, the pain in my stomach has finally gone'' - Francine

''Our 96-year old mother uses a walker as she has severe pain in her legs and was always crying out with each step she took. As of today, she can move about with her walker without complaining about it hurting.'' - Annie

'' I have had Crohn's disease for over a decade now. I used to be an avid jogger, but the disease caused inflammation in my joints, and I was unable to do much at all on a physical level.  After 3 weeks of receiving healing help from Nicolas, the pain and stiffness went away, and I was able to go jogging again for the first time in years !!'' - Jackie

''The very essence of a balanced life resides in the harmony brought forth by the unity of three universal principles - a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy home environment.''