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Throughout our many past lives we have experienced many traumatic situations. Some of those situations can include violent deaths, mental or physical abuse or other severe injuries. When this occurs, we can lose a precious piece of our soul which then makes us 'incomplete'. There are so many different ways our souls can become fractured. Some fragments have been taken from us against our will by negative beings while others have been lost by substance abuse or as a result of heartbreaks from romantic relationships that were simply not meant to be.


Whatever the reason we have lost parts of ourselves, the good news is that our souls can be made whole again. We are never too broken to be fixed. As an experienced healer, Nicholas can tell you how many pieces of your soul are missing, for he knows exactly where to find them and how to retrieve them no matter where they might have gone. Once all pieces have been successfully retrieved, they will be mended back into place for you.


After several weeks of reintegration, you will notice that you will start feeling more like yourself again the way you were meant to be. Everything that is rightfully yours will be back where it belongs, and you will be less likely to feel you need to seek approval or search for something or someone else to 'complete' you. If you would like a free consultation to know if you have any pieces of your soul missing before ordering this advanced healing service, do not hesitate to contact Nicholas at once !