Healing Session 3 is helping you become your own true self

Now that your physical body and your Etheric, Emotional and Mental Subtle Bodies have been fully cleansed of all negativity, restored and re-energized, you are fully ready to partake in a much deeper and intensive level of personal cleansing and healing.  In this final healing session, we will address the last three energetic layers: your Causal Subtle Body, the Spiritual Subtle Body and the Divine Subtle Body.  



The Causal Subtle Body is the fourth subtle body within our energy field after the Mental Subtle Body.  It contains all past causes from our previous lives and their effects on our present day life and health. It is where our patterns of behavior come from and where our former life experiences are stored. 

This is the body in our energy field or aura that houses all of our memories, personal conditioning and programming that have been formed not only during this lifetime from childhood, but also from all our numerous past lives as well.  All of these have shaped the person we are today.  Many of the traumas we have experienced in our past lives still unknowingly affect us to this day.  Old memories from former wounds (whether physical or emotional)  can slowly come to the surface after many years of being dormant and can subconsiously negatively affect our actions and thoughts in the present.

During this cleansing, many past life wounds, blockages and old programming that are negatively affecting you will be removed, as well as any outdated vows or agreements you might have made in your former lives that are holding you back from becoming your own true self.  Any other damage will be repaired in order to restore your Causal Subtle Body back to it's original pristine condition.  Your Causal Subtle Body will be then filled with Divine healing energy from a collective gathering of Higher Beings, Angels, Saints, and Ascended Masters.

'' My husband seems so much more appreciative and is much nicer to me now than he was before!  He is a different man now who doesn't seem to get so angry or depressed as often as he used to. Thank you for helping him be himself again.''  - Jamie, UK



The Spiritual Subtle Body (also known as the Buddhic Body or Celestial Body) is the fifth subtle body within our energy field.  This body opens our soul to connecting with the higher essences of our own being.

The Spiritual Subtle Body also allows us to communicate with our Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and any other beings of Love and Light.

This subtle body is where all of our spiritual beliefs reside about life, nature, our core values and truths, but most importantly; it is the home of our life's divine purpose that is unique to each and every one of us.  The cleansing of the Spiritual Subtle Body is especially relevant for those who seriously practice yoga or meditation.

In order to be more receptive to our inner voice and open ourselves up to receiving guidance from our Spirit Guides and our Higher Self, it is best to  have the Spiritual Subtle Body fully cleansed and purified.  In this session, all negative elements or blockages will be removed.  In addition, all holes will be patched, all fissures will be mended and any existing damage will be repaired in order to restore your Spiritual Subtle Body back to it's original pristine condition. Your Spiritual Body will be then filled with Divine healing energy from a collective gathering of Higher Beings, Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters.



The Divine Subtle Body (also known as the Atmic Body) is the sixth subtle body within our energy field and connects us with the collective mind and heart of the Creator. This is the very body that allows each and every one of us to send out and receive the light required to create the changes we wish to manifest into the world for the greater good of all humanity.

While the former subtle bodies dealt primarily with ourselves, the Divine Subtle Body is humanitarian by nature and is all about reaching out and assisting others in order to benefit the world as a whole.
For energy healers, especially, having this body cleansed can increase the potency
and effectiveness of all their healings performed.  
It is vitally important to have all negative elements and blockages removed from the Divine Subtle Body and to have it cleansed and purified if we are to truly shine our light upon the world and make a genuine contribution within other people's lives.  Any existing damage will be repaired in order to restore your Divine Subtle Body back to it's original pristine condition.  Your Divine Subtle Body will be then filled with Divine healing energy from a collective gathering of Higher Beings, Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters.  

Here are a few words of appreciation Nicholas has received from clients who have requested all three healing sessions:

'' I have had Crohn's disease for over a decade now.  I used to be an avid jogger, but the disease caused inflammation in my joints, and I was unable to do much at all on a physical level.  I asked for Nicholas' assistance in cleansing and restoring all six subtle bodies to give me the best chances of alleviating my symptoms.  After a month of receiving healing help from Nicholas, the pain and stiffness subsided enough, and I was able to go jogging again for the first time in years!! ''  - Jackie, France.

" I had spent so many years on countless treatments and remedies with no success at all before finally asking for your help.  After having ordered all three sessions, the chronic  pain in my stomach is finally going away.'' - Francis, UK

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