Healing Session 1 is highly needed if you are currently suffering from an illness or disease

An important fact about removing negative elements BEFORE restoring and re-energizing

Did you know that many energy healers and other holistic practitioners are not even aware of the existence of a surprising number of negative astral parasites and other harmful negative energetic elements?  So, instead  of making sure their client is free and clear of all negative entities and elements by removing them first, they just jump straight into trying to re-energize the person's body and energy field to try to make  them feel better.  These good intentions, however, have a catastrophic side effect for the client because the healer is also unknowingly energizing all of the harmful astral parasites and negative entities, as well, that are still present within the client causing them to grow stronger and more dominant which is not benefiting the person at all!  

Doesn't it sound logical to pour fresh sparkling water (renewed energy) into a clean glass

(our cleansed body)... and not into a dirty glass (how our body is when negative elements  have not been removed first)? That is exactly  what I will do for you and what a lot of energy  healers forget to do. 

Here is an example of what a stressed human energy field often looks like before a full complete cleansing and removal session.  All of us are silently affected and suffer unknowingly and unnecessarily from many of these harmful negative energetic elements (entities and malevolent spirits, dark magic, blockages and bonds that hold and keep us from advancing, cracks and holes leaking vital energy and a cloudy toxic aura, to name a few).

I will make certain that every single negative energetic entity and element will be removed from you first, ensuring that your body and your energy field are fully free and cleansed before sending divine healing energy your way to help restore your body back to it's full healing capacity.  This way, the natural healing energy can then circulate more efficiently in order to make your body stronger so you can fully fight against your current illness or disease or just to help make you more resistant to illness in the future.


The Etheric Subtle Body is the first subtle body within the aura or energy field and is in many ways a replica or duplicate of our physical body. An impending illness will usually appear first within our Etheric Subtle Body before it begins to materialize and take shape in our physical form. Thus, the cleansing of the Etheric Subtle Body is imperative and should be performed before any other subtle body.

If you find yourself getting sick more often than you should or if you are currently dealing with any kind

of pain or acute or chronic illness, then a complete cleansing of the Etheric Subtle Body is urgently recommended.  This will help to strengthen the body's natural healing processes so you can recuperate and heal more quickly and effectively.  It will also help in alleviating, improving or in some cases even eliminating symptoms, and it will help in strengthening one's ability to fight off and resist future illnesses or diseases.

Did you know....
Every time we experience something physically traumatic such as an open wound, a broken bone or
other serious injury, an energetic imprint of that event becomes embedded within the very fabric of our Etheric Subtle Body.  A person will gradually heal after the incident, but the energetic impressions will always remain until they have been removed from the aura or energy field itself.

In the 2nd half of this healing session, all entities, negative elements and energetic blockages contained within the Etheric Subtle Body will be removed. In addition, all holes will be patched, all fissures will be mended and any existing damage will be repaired in order to restore your Etheric Subtle Body back to it's original pristine condition.  Your Etheric Subtle Body will be then filled with Divine healing energy from a collective gathering of Higher Beings, Angels, Saints, and Ascended Masters.

Here are a few words of appreciation Nicholas has received:


'"My mother feels so much happier now, like the way I remember her being many years ago!  Removing all those negative elements on her has truly changed her for the better !  I can't believe I got my mother back !''  - Angela, USA.
''People often ask me what I am doing to make myself look and feel this amazing. They say I'm glowing !'' - Nadia, UK.

You would be greatly surprised to discover all the negative elements and entities that your body has been hosting all this time without you ever realizing it that have been slowly making you sick, causing you pain or have given you so much undue harm physically, mentally and emotionally. 


We all want to be in the best health we can possibly be, and I am ready to help you achieve that goal. 

The healthier we are - the happier we are - and the more we raise our energies in a positive way. 

The more we vibrate!

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