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The Mental Body is the third subtle body within the aura. It is where matters of the mind and all thoughts are stored as well as all of our learning experiences. Every trauma we experience also carries a mental weight that becomes embedded within this body whether we accept it or not. If the sources of the many traumas are not removed in time, then the lingering pain we hold onto will gradually solidify into energetic blockages which will gradually contribute to creating stress-related illnesses.


The good news is that all past trauma can be removed and all illnesses of this nature can be prevented in time before any significant damage is done to our health. 


All energetic blockages, big or small, contained within this body will be removed. All holes will be patched, all fissures will be mended and any existing damage will be repaired in order to restore your Mental body to it's original pristine condition.


After placing your order and making your payment,

please follow the important instructions listed below...

- Contact Nicholas by e-mail at nicholas​@thenewagehealer.com

- In your e-mail, please include the first name, last name and date of birth of yourself or the person wishing to receive the healing. Be sure to include the city and country you are currently living in or of that person for whom the healing is for.

- Please attach to the e-mail one full body photo of yourself or the person wishing to receive the healing with no other person in the picture.

Mental Body Healing & Cleansing

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price