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Entities (also known as ghosts) are the souls of deceased people or animals. These are the lost distraught souls of our ancestors or animals who, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to leave our planet after their demise and are patiently awaiting the moment of their crossing over which, for a variety of reasons, can take a very long time depending on who they were during their lifetime and what they have done.


Until then, they are stranded here on Earth with no physical body to contain them and nowhere else to go, and so these sad suffering souls choose to attach themselves to the living and begin zapping away their vital energy causing all kinds of discomfort and unease within their unknowing victims.


While these beings are highly distressed, not all of them are hostile or malevolent for that matter, and a great deal of respect is due towards them even though their removal is imperative because their energies are negative and are harmful to our health.


The more negative or depressed someone is feeling, the more the entities are drawn towards them.


Just because you may think you are feeling fine right now, does not mean you do not have any entities already attached onto you, for they can be subtle.


After placing your order and making your payment,

please follow the important instructions listed below...

- Contact me by e-mail at thenewagehealer@yahoo.com

- In your e-mail, please include the first name, last name and date of birth of yourself or the person wishing to receive the healing. Be sure to include the city and country you are currently living in or of that person for whom the healing is for.

​- Please attach to the e-mail two full body photos of yourself or the person wishing to receive the healing with no other person in the picture and preferably against a plain background. One picture must show the complete front of the person from head-to-toe facing the camera and the other picture must show the complete back of the person from head-to-heel.

Entity Removal