What does the term ''New Age'' mean?

The New Age movement initially refers to the Age of Aquarius which began in 1962.

It was the beginning of a brand new era of social, cultural and spiritual renaissance with a particularly strong awakening towards healing and alternative medicine. As for what New Age means to me and from where I stand, I use the name to emphasize an advanced way to do spiritual and energy healing which first entails removing all negative toxic factors in our aura that affect our health, then fully mending the aura back to its original unadulterated form and finally assisting the client in receiving pure Divine healing energy from a collective gathering of Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters.

No matter who you are, where you are and regardless of your beliefs, anyone can benefit from my long distance New Age Healing. Reaching out to people worldwide becomes possible through simple information (name, location, date of birth) and a photograph which allows me to energetically connect with the client. The photo is of utmost important because it is energetically linked to the person who needs the healing. This enables a psychic clairsentient healer, such as myself, to work from a distance without the person actually having to be present or having to actively participate in the session.

I am happy to relate that there is something to be gained for everyone with this newer form of energy healing for oftentimes the greatest changes come from the smallest shifts within our energy field. Just the removal of one small negative element can begin the process of even greater health benefits down the road. Our bodies and minds will gradually become more energetically unencumbered which will start to reap enormous benefits on our physical, mental and emotional health besides allowing us to better handle whatever life has in store for us. After such changes are made, ours bodies are never exactly the way they were before our healing journey began. Even though you cannot instantly feel it, as the energy change and benefits are gradual, know that your body is benefiting greatly from eliminating all that harmful energetic baggage that you have carried around unknowingly for so many years. Getting rid of all that harmful energy buildup allows our bodies to begin to slowly heal as negative energetic obstructions are cleared. We start to feel more free and able to be our own true selves, the way we were always meant to be from the beginning. Subtle changes lead to even greater changes.

- Nicholas Silver

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