The Key to a Healthier YOU !

We are constantly reminded to eat right, exercise, avoid stress and get enough sleep in order to remain in good health. But even with all this care and attention, we still find ourselves getting sick. To ensure optimal health for years to come we need to look beyond our physical form and straight into our personal energy field which has a direct correlation and profound impact on our physical, emotional and mental health.

Besides our physical body, we have an assemblage of many different energetic layers around us that we cannot see called subtle bodies (see picture below) each supporting and depending on one another. These subtle bodies together form what is collectively known as the human aura. Our subtle bodies require just as much care and attention as our physical body does. Each and every one of them has a vital function of it's own and are as unique as they are important to our overall heath and well-being.

Simply put, their energetic balance and maintenance are critical if we wish to truly remain in good health for years to come. There are different schools of thinking and interpretation of the subtle bodies, but this is how I feel and perceive them.

You will find that my services can make a difference in your overall health and well-being as I caringly and meticulously tend to all 6 major subtle bodies in the human aura over the course of 3 sessions. For more information and details about what each session consists of individually as well as the many health benefits you will be receiving, take a moment to visit my website at and carefully read the details I provide in each description.

For those of you who are already sick or suffering from any kind of illness or are under a doctor's care, you will definitely need all the extra help you can get from my sessions.

The services performed by me are not here to replace your doctors and health practitioners' services, medical advice or their instructions nor should you discontinue any medical treatment you may currently be undergoing under their care.  My services are here to be a valuable aid and helpful complement to the medical treatment for those who are currently fighting an illness or disease are receiving, but who feel they could benefit from additional help.

For those of you who are not sick as of yet, remember the old adage... "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". You would be amazed if you could see all the negativity that your energy field has accumulated over a lifetime without you ever realizing the harm it has been doing to your body!

If you are nearing middle age or over age 50 and have never had an energy cleansing done before, it is critical that you look into these sessions as soon as possible to maintain optimal health or to prevent a serious illness from subtlely developing.

As the illustration below reveals, there can be a lot of negative factors going on within your aura that need to be dealt with and resolved if optimal health is wished to be achieved (critical fissures and holes within our subtle bodies, harmful malevolent spirits, entities or dark magic housed within us and a polluted, cloudy unenergized aura).

Have you not been feeling your best for a while or just wish to ensure optimal health?

Then do not waste another moment and claim the health and happiness that is rightfully yours. The longer we wait, the more time and energy we lose and the weaker and unhappier we become. I highly recommend you give my healing services a try. There are no side effects whatsoever and only healthful gains to be had. Everyone can benefit from positive healing energy.

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