These 5 Foods Will Help Raise Your Energetic Vibrations

Updated: Aug 12

Food quality should not be based solely on nutritional value and calorie content but also upon the energetic vitality contained within the food and how it will enhance our health. As a clairsentient healer, I am able to feel the natural energy vibrations emitted by all foods and can distingush with great accuracy which ones vibrate at a very high level and are more energetically "alive" and those that are devoid of vibrations or energetically dead.

In order to get the most benefits out of the many foods we choose to ingest, here are 5 excellent foods that radiate good positive energetic vibrations so you can happily consume them and have your own natural energetic vibrations rise !

Treat yourself to a couple pieces of delicious dark chocolate (at least 80% dark) that has a very low sugar content to assist your body in raising its natural energetic vibrations.

Cold pressed extra virgin olive oil not only benefits the body when applied externally as a natural moisturizer but also does wonders in skyrocketing our personal energy field when ingested... such as on a salad or with lightly sauteed vegetables.

All organic fruits and vegetables will greatly enhance your natural energetic vibrations provided they are truly organic, freshly ripe and most importantly, eaten raw.

There are inumerable benefits to consuming honey (especially unpasteurized, provided allergies are not an issue) and bringing our energetic vibrations to the next level is no exception.

Grey unrefined sea salt as opposed to commercial refined white salt vibrates at a very high level and is sure to give you a healthy energetic boost when added to your daily meals.

- Nicholas Silver

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