5 Places You WILL Find Ghosts

Ghosts are the lost distraught souls of our ancestors who, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to leave our planet after their demise and are patiently awaiting the moment of their crossover. For a variety of reasons, this can take a very long time depending on who they were, what they have done during their lifetime and why they feel they cannot leave.

While these souls are highly distressed, 99% of them are NOT hostile, violent or malevolent as frequently and erronously portrayed by the media, and there is no reason to panic in their presence. Of course, castles and cemetaries are the first places that come to mind when seeking out where ghosts exists but those are just common clichés.

If you wish to come upon an abundance of human entities, then look no further than these 5 places.


People pass away in hospitals all the time; so it stands to reason there would be many ghosts lurking within rooms and corridors. Unfortunately, the low vibration emitting from these entities, both good and bad, can hinder the health of the patients who are trying to recuperate. I also believe it is one of the very reasons people unknowingly have a strong aversion when it comes to hospitals.


Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of properly crossing over to the other side at the end of one's lifetime here on Earth so places of worship are no exception when it comes to housing these restless spirits. Depending on their previously held beliefs when they were alive and their expectations of the afterlife, these restless spirits who haven't yet crossed over will choose to inhabit the very places in which they are hoping to one day find the salvation they deserve.


Tourists seeking a long deserved break from their work may not be getting much rest if their rooms on reserve are already fully occupied unbeknownst to them. The sensation of thinking someone might be in the room with you in the still of the night when you are the only occupant in the room are not uncommon in these types of places.


That's right ! Just because you feel you are not dealing with an actual ghost problem in your home at the present such as seeing apparitions, hearing strange voices or footsteps, doors creaking, unexplained toilets flushing or lights flickering... doesn't mean you are all alone in your own house!  It just means you are not dealing with a poltergeist or with a vindictive spirit ... lucky you ! Over 90% of the time, spirits are usually very quiet and discreet and would rather be left alone than draw unwanted attention to themselves. But that doesn't mean they aren't living in your home right along side you every day of your life from the moment you wake up to the instant you fall asleep and anytime in between. I am not trying to scare you ; 

I am just merely wishing for you to fully realize and be aware of this very real situation.

As of today, virtually every house in the world (yes, including your own) is being compromised by negative energetic entities that will affect your health if they are not eventually removed.


The most common place human entities are found are on people. The human body hosts many lifeforms such as microscopic bacteria and parasites as well as non-perceptible ghosts. Since ghosts are suffering souls stranded here on Earth with no physical body to contain them and nowhere else to go, they choose to attach themselves to the living which unfortunately leeches vital energy from the unknowing hosts causing all kinds of discomfort within them such as fatigue, restlessness and irritability, as well as longer recuperation times from an illness.

Not all ghosts attach themselves to people, though and behave as parasites; only those whose torment has become unbearable will look for someone with whom they can share their misery. Needless to say, the more depressed you are, the quicker you will draw negative entities into your life and the harder they will make it for you to emerge from your present condition or illness.

Ghosts are everywhere and cannot be avoided - from your local supermarket to your favorite bar and everywhere inbetween. Though the vast majority of them are very, very discreet, there are some that will do everything in their power to make people aware of their presence.

As they were once people like you and me, we still owe them a great deal of respect even though their removal from our bodies is imperative if we truly wish to be in our best health and to recuperate quicker and more efficiently from an illness.

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