Negative Energy Cleansing for Houses, Apartments, Businesses and Land Lots

Simply put.... you cannot be healthy if the place that you are living in... is not.

Just because a home or apartment may seem fine on the outside does NOT necessaily that mean all is well on the inside!  More often than not there are many negative energetic factors disrupting the good vibrations of your home and adversely affecting the health of everyone living there. 

Our Earth is alive and generates powerful magnetic grids and ley lines both positive and negative in varying degrees of intensity and size. Sleeping day after day, year after year where either lines cross through your bed will definitely have an negative affect on your sleep and your overall health especially for newborn babies or people fighting a disease.

Romans and other ancient civilizations used to carefully observe where animals chose to live before building a structure on that land. They made sure not to build on land where animals were avoiding.  Nowadays, because of financial gain or necessity, houses are built everywhere oblivious to the fact that some areas are highly energetically toxic for human beings.​  

The trouble with lay lines ​on our health and their connection to imsomnia

Millions of people are affected by all kinds of sleep disorders, but if you are having trouble falling asleep at night, then this may very well be one of the underlying causes of your distress preventing you from getting the good night sleep you deserve to rejuvenate.

If a positive ley line is crossing through your bed, it will tend to over-energize you and contribute to chronic insomnia.

On other hand, if a negative ley line is crossing throuh your bed, it will tend to drain your vitality while you sleep making you sluggish and weak in the daytime.

IMPORTANT !   The impact of negative magnetic grids on your health
So many people find themselves becoming ill despite their best efforts to stay healthy. You cannot continue sleeping on a very negative magnetic grid or ley line and expect to be healthy.  Getting sick is inevitable as your body slowly and continually gets weakened and drained eventually leading to illness and much worse.
If the effects of a highly negative magnetic grid crossing through a tree can cause it to grow stress deformities, called burls, then just imagine what kind of harmful effects years of exposure from sleeping on it can have on our own health and body over time!  How would our bodies react?

Ley Lines and magnetic grids are just some of the natural energetic factors which can seriously impact our health, homes and places of work. There are also energetic vortexes, telluric and cosmic energy channels and underground currents or subterranean streams, all of which have a negative influence on your health.   Using my pyschic clairsentient capabilities,  I am able to feel and locate these natural energies if they are in your house and can work to energetically displace them from your areas of sleep.  


Now that you have a better idea of what is often found within homes on a natural energetic level, I would like to draw your attention onto the other hidden metaphysical level.

Negative energetic elements and entities:  ghosts, malevolent spirits, astral beings, black magic, curses, spells and portals

Just because you feel you are not dealing with an actual ghost problem in your home at the present such as seeing apparitions, hearing strange voices or footsteps, doors creaking, unexplained toilets flushing or lights flickering... doesn't mean you are all alone in your own home!   It just means you are not dealing with a poltergeist or with a vindictive spirit ... lucky you!

Over 90% of the time, spirits are usually very quiet and discreet and would rather be left alone than draw unwanted attention to themselves. But that doesn't mean they aren't living in your home right along side you every day of your life from the moment you wake up to the instant you fall asleep and anytime in between.


I am not trying to scare you; I am just merely wishing for you to fully realize and be aware of this very real  situation. As of today, virtually every house in the world (yes, including your own) is being compromised by negative energetic entities that will affect your health if they are not eventually removed.  Remember, most of these beings do not want you to know they are there, so that they can continue to stay unnoticed.  Wishful thinking won't make them go away, but taking action today to ensure that they leave and never  return for the sake of everyone's health and well-being will be one of the best things you can do.

All forms of dark magic imperatively need to be detected and removed as soon as possible!  Black magic, curses, and spells can be placed upon your home, business or land lot by ill-willed manipulative people or by malevolent spirits. 


Astral portals are energetic doorways generated within your home or business that grant free entry to entities and other negative energetic beings. They need to be closed immediately!

Why should I have the toxic energies of my home cleansed?

Everyone needs to have their home or place of business cleansed and maintained in much the same way that we all need to keep our body and energy field cleansed and maintained, but this cleansing becomes a priority especially if :

  • you are currently sick with an illness or disease

  • you have fatigue, headaches, aches and pains

  • you have unexplained sadness and anxiety 

  • you have difficulty sleeping no matter what you do

  • you continually experience bad dreams or nightmares

  • you want to avoid sleeping on a bed placed above a highly toxic magnetic grid or lay line

  • you have children or are planning on having children

  • you know someone who has previously died there or has gone through a divorce

  • you are moving into another home or place of business and want to wipe out all traces of the former inhabitants and all negative memories of the past contained within the very fabric of the structure

  • you are planning on selling your home or place of business

  • your house or business has already been on the market for a considerable length of time with no success

Is your business in the red?

There are many negative unseen factors that can affect the success of a store, a restaurant, an office or any other business.  If you are not seeing the success you deserve or feel you should be experiencing, it may be time to seriously consider having your restaurant, office or any other business be fully cleansed of all things that could be negatively affecting it. This cleansing is especially important if you are moving into a formally occupied place of business.  You want to erase all traces and memories of past failures or tragic events that may have occurred there whose energies are still being held within those walls.  To give the very best start and chances to your new business or to help re-energize your failing business, it is best to have a cleansing done to have a fresh, cleansed and energetically positive environment to work in.

Once all negative energetic elements and entities existing in your home, apartment, place of business or land lot have been removed, it will then be collectively blessed by a gathering of Higher Beings, Angels,  Saints and Ascended Masters.

Here are a few words of appreciation Nicholas has received:

'' My house was on the market for over a year, and then just 2 weeks after a house cleansing was done, it

   finally sold!  I don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but anyway it is an amazing one!!  I cannot thank you

   enough!! '' -  Laura, USA

'' I was always too afraid to go down into my basement by myself ... I could feel something was there. 

  Whatever it was, it's gone now!  It has truly made a difference with how I feel inside my own home! '' 

    - Jamie, Netherlands.


" For the first time in years, I have slept well in my own place .'' - Philip, USA

" I used to hate being home alone in my house.  I do not feel this way anymore, and I'm much happier now.''

   -  Suzan, UK

Everyone should

feel comfortable  and well in their  own home.

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