Each subtle body in our surrounding aura vibrates at it's own frequency, and any damage it receives will in turn negatively affect a specific area on our physical body

  • Are you currently suffering from an illness, affliction or pain and finding prescription drugs are not always helping?

  • Do you find yourself getting sick more often than you should as if your immune system just doesn't seem to function efficiently anymore?​​

  • Are you dealing with an emotional distress (heartache, anxiety, frustration, sadness ...) that is making  your life miserable and feeling like you can't move on?

  • Do you often have trouble falling asleep at night and just can't get a good night's rest?

  • Do you ever feel just feel out-of-sorts and can't explain why?


If you find yourself answering "YES" to any of these questions,

then my cleansing and healing sessions can very well help you ....

The importance of cleansing our energy field or aura


Our aura is too often neglected but is such a vital part of our very being.  It totally surrounds our physical body and the health and maintenance of it greatly affects who we are ... our physical condition, our ability to fight off illness or disease, our mental processes and our emotional well-being.  People will often go on a diet, do a fast or take supplements to feel better, but they never think about the need to cleanse and re-energize their aura.

You would be amazed and even shocked at all that can be found hidden within our aura that has manifested itself over a lifetime.  Our aura is affected by all the stresses, traumas and negativities that we experience in our daily lives. The aura is composed of many energy layers known as subtle bodies.  Every trauma and negativity inflicted on us becomes embedded in these subtle bodies and they not only drain our vitality causing us to become weak and more prone to illness and disease, but they also fill our auras with many toxic energies that need to be thoroughly and regularly evacuated.

 As a result, our aura can become:

  • Severely damaged and deformed with fissures, holes and blockages.

  • Cloudy, dull, heavily polluted and de-energized.

  • Infected by all kinds of negative elements and entities


If these highly noxious energies that are stored within us are not properly removed in time, they will begin to make us sick (either acutely or chronically) on all levels of our being ... if not today, then most assuredly at some point in the near future. 

Besides my giving careful attention to locating and removing all negative energetic elements on the physical body, I will also be focusing on and treating the six main subtle bodies surrounding our physical body for they are the ones that have the greatest effect on our overall health and well-being.  There are different schools of thought and interpretation of the subtle bodies, but this is how I feel and perceive them:

  • The first layer is the Etheric Subtle Body which stores all physical trauma endured.

  • The second layer is the Emotional Subtle Body which stores all emotional traumas.

  • The third layer is the Mental Subtle Body which stores our psychological stresses.

  • The fourth layer is the Causal Subtle Body which contains our former lives' experiences and their effects and influences on us in the present.

  • The fifth layer is the Spiritual Subtle Body which stores our own spiritual beliefs about life and nature, as well as our core values and truths.

  • The sixth layer is the Divine Subtle Body which connects us with the collective mind and heart of the Creator for the benefit of all humanity.

A healthy immune system is a priority for everyone, so in order to ensure it, I strongly suggest that you have your body and your energy field fully cleansed in three sessions for a complete negative energetic element and entity removal, restoration and re-energization. 

I will first meticulously search for and locate all negative energetic elements and entities on the physical body that are slowing down or blocking the body's natural healing processes.  I will then work diligently to remove them one by one so they will no longer cause the body harm.  Once I am satisfied that all negative energetic impurities have been removed on the physical body, I will then move on to the subtle bodies in the body's aura and the corresponding chakras to remove all blockages, negative energetic elements and entities that I find, repair holes and fissures and to restore the subtle bodies back to their original pristine condition.

I am always surrounded and assisted by beautiful angelic beings of Love and Light whenever I perform my personal sessions which greatly enhances the potency of the cleansing and healing received.  I will then entrust the client to this collective gathering of Higher Beings, who together will re-energize the cleansed and unobstructed aura with Divine healing energy that the body needs to thrive.  As a result, the client will be able to receive and absorb the full extent of their many benefits and blessings. This grants people the unique opportunity to genuinely come into contact with the Higher Power leading to a much more intense  healing session.

We can only be as healthy as our subtle bodies are.

Simply put, the healthier they become...

...the more we thrive!

Healing Session 1 is the most important and urgent for everyone for it is imperative to begin cleansing and healing ourselves by first removing all the negative energetic elements and entities that exist on our three-dimensional physical body.  Next, I will then proceed to the first energy layer or Etheric Subtle Body which lies closest to our physical body.

Healing Session 2 will involve the next two energetic layers, the Emotional and Mental Subtle Bodies.  These two bodies can only be treated if Healing Session 1 (the physical body and the Etheric Subtle Body) has been completed first.  I will also cleanse and restore all chakras during this session to put them in optimal condition (open, rotating correctly and free of all energetic blockages). 

Healing Session 3 encompasses the final three energetic layers, the Causal, Spiritual and Divine Subtle Bodies.  These three subtle bodies can only be treated if Healing Session 1 ( (the physical body and the Etheric Subtle Body) and Healing Session 2 (Emotional and Mental Subtle Bodies) have been completed beforehand.  Therefore, Healing Session 3 is offered as a complete cleansing and healing package.

What you can expect to receive:

  • Each separate session encompasses one and one-half hours of negative energetic element and entity removal, cleansing, repairing and restoration

  • One half hour or more of personal and direct Divine Energy Healing from a collective gathering of Higher Beings, Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters

  • A personalized detailed report by e-mail informing you of how the sessions progressed, the negative energetic elements and entities that were found and removed and any other pertinent information.

For the maximum health benefits and to achieve the best results,

it is strongly recommended to complete all three sessions together. 

True complete healing involves healing not only our physical body 

but also our mind, our emotions and our past lives ...

 ... only then are we truly free to be ourselves, be happy and to live the lives we were meant to live.

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