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Just because a home seems fine on the outside does not mean all is well

on the inside. More often than not, there are many negative beings

discreetly living along side you and even negative energetic lines

crossing through your home.

A home's negative energy can prevent you from feeling well or even

halt your body from healing effectively. Energy cleansing of your home is 

highly recommended especially if you have been sick or are fighting a long illness. 

Did you know?

Pull the slider from right to left in the picture below to reveal some of the things you can not see that may be living in your home undetected. Remember, most ghosts or spirits actually prefer that you cannot sense nor see them. 

And that is only the tip of the iceberg !

Now that you've seen a small sample of what is often found within homes on a metaphysical level, I would like to draw your attention onto the Earth's natural energies that are also invisible to the naked eye.

Our Earth is alive and generates powerful magnetic grids and Ley Lines both major and minor in intensity and size. Some of them are highly positive but others are also VERY negative.  Sleeping day after day, year after year where a negative magnetic grid or  negative Lay Lines cross through your bed will definitely have an adverse affect on your health.

Magnetic grids crossing through places of rest and recuperation can

adversely affect our sleep and can also eventually cause illness to develop.

If the effects of a highly negative magnetic grid crossing through a tree can cause it to have stress deformities, called burls, then just imagine what kind of harmful or even fatal effects years of exposure can have on our health and body over time !

Did you know?

Romans and other ancient civilizations used to carefully observe where animals chose to live before using that land to build a house or structure on. They were not building on places where animals were avoiding. 

Nowadays, houses are built everywhere, oblivious to the fact that some places are highly toxic for human beings.

For instance, placing a bed or a crib in such a negative energetic place can be dramatic for newborn babies or people fighting a disease.


                  I will first remove all negative metaphysical beings and elements I find in your house, such as ...

  • Black magic, spells and curses placed upon your home or land

  • Ghosts discreetly living within your home

  • Evil spirits lurking about and nesting inside your home

  • ​Any negative memories of the past contained within the very fabric of your home

    Then I will displace all natural elements that might be disrupting your home ...

  • such as the strong influence of any main negative magnetic grids or Ley Lines passing through your bedrooms or any other room where you spend a great deal of time in. 

  • such as the disruptive influence of many energetic vortexes including telluric and cosmic channels found within your homes and much more...

Once all negative beings and elements residing in your home have been removed, your house or apartment will then be collectively blessed by a gathering of Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters and be filled with positive energy.

Everyone needs their home cleansed sooner or later in much the same way we all need to keep our aura cleansed, but this cleansing becomes a priority ESPECIALLY ...

  • If you are moving into a new home and would like to make it completely your own by wiping out all traces of its former inhabitants.

  • If you are planning on selling your home or if it's already been on the market a very long time with no success.

  • If you have children or are planning on having children.

  • If you cannot sleep or find yourself become recurrently or inexplicably ill.

  • If you are interested in Feng Shui ... then you definitely would want this house cleansing and blessing session.

After placing your order, please follow the important instructions below

  • Contact Nicholas by e-mail at nicholas​@thenewagehealer.com

  • In the e-mail, please include the address of the home or apartment, as well as the first and last name of whom the residence or place belongs to.


  • Please attach to your e-mail a photograph of your house or apartment building from the outside.


  • Please attach to your e-mail a basic floor plan of the home or of inside the apartment itself (the floor plan can simply be self-drawn and does not have to be as technical as the one below).


  • Please indicate where North is on your floor plan.


  • Please place an X where the beds are located so I can see if the Earth's magnetic lines are crossing through them.


  • Please inform me of the home's or apartment's history if known, such as any people who may have passed away there, separations or divorces that have occurred there, bad luck that always seems to arise there, unusual noises, pets who always seem agitated around or within the place, residents never feeling well or weak there, etc...

   Here are a few words of appreciation I have received from those

who have received a home energy cleansing from me:

  • '' My house was on the market for over a year, and then just 2 weeks after a house cleansing was done, it finally sold!  I don't know if it is a coincidence or not, but anyway it is an amazing one!!     I cannot thank you enough!! '' - Laura, USA.


  • '' I was always too afraid to go down into my basement by myself ... I could feel something was there. Whatever it was, it's gone now!  It has truly made a difference with how I feel inside my  own home! ''  - Jamie, Netherlands.


  • " For the first time in years, I have slept well in my own place .'' - Philip, USA


  • '" I used to hate being home alone in my house. I do not feel this way anymore, and I'm much happier now.'' -  Suzan, UK