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'' You cannot truly be healthy if

the place that you are living in is not. ''

The energy clearing of your home is highly recommended if you have been sick or fighting a long illness. Sometimes, a home's negative energy can prevent you from feeling well or even halt your body from healing effectively.

                     There are many negative unseen factors that can affect your home:



                                                        Some are natural ...

* Such as the strong influence of any main negative magnetic grids passing through your bedrooms or any other room where you spend a great deal of time in. 

* Such as the disruptive influence of many energetic vortexes including telluric and cosmic channels found within your homes and much more...

                                                    ... Others are metaphysical

* Such as black magic, spells and curses placed upon your home or land

* Such as ghosts discreetly living within your home.

* Such as evil spirits lurking about and having built a lair inside your home

​* Such as any negative memories of the past contained within the very fabric of your home.

   Here are a few words of appreciation and gratitude Nicholas have received from     performing many home energy clearings and which he is happy to share with you:

- '' My house was on the market for over a year, and then just 2 weeks after a cleansing was done, my house sold! I do not know if it is a coincidence or not but anyway it is an amazing one !! I cannot thank you enough, New Age Healer !! '' - Laura

- '' I was too afraid to go down into my basement all alone... I could feel something was there... whatever it was, it is gone now ! Your help has come at the right moment and has truly made a difference with how I feel inside my home ! ''  - Anonymous

- '' I have never slept so well in my own place for the first time in years.'' - Philip

- '' I used to resent being left at home all alone for too long. I do not feel this way anymore and am much happier now.'' - Anonymous

If you would like to know how healthy your home truly is


Please follow the important instructions listed below...




- Contact Nicholas by e-mail at nicholas@thenewagehealer.com

- In the e-mail, please include the address of the home or place as well as the first and last name of whom the residence or place belongs to.

- Please attach to the e-mail a simple floor plan of the home or place (the floor plan can be self-drawn) and also a picture of your house or place from the outside.


- Please, if possible, indicate where North is on your floor plan.

- Please inform me of the home or place's history if known, such as any people who passed away there, separations or divorces that occurred, bad luck that always seems to arise, unusual noises, pets who always seem agitated around or within, residents never feeling well or weak, etc...


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