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As a born clairsentient healer, Nicolas Silver helps all pets who are currently

in pain, suffering or struggling to regain their health. 



Please follow the important instructions listed below...

- Contact Nicholas by e-mail at nicholas@thenewagehealer.com


- In the e-mail, please include the name of the pet, their age as well as the city and country in which they reside. 


- Please attach to the e-mail a full body photo of your pet as shown in the examples below.

- Please mention the reasons as to why you are asking for Nicholas' help. 

  Be as specific as possible mentioning any traumatic occurrences in the pet's history or            afflictions the pet is suffering from.


                  Please be sure to read, review and understand the Privacy and Disclaimer

                     statements by clicking on the links below at the bottom of the page.

''People will come and go but pets will always be there for us. Treat them well, for they will provide us with warmth, comfort, love and companionship... but more importantly... they will accept us for who we truly are.''