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Frequently Asked Questions

1/ What does the term ''New Age'' mean?

The New Age movement initially refers to the Age of Aquarius which began in 1962 and saw the beginning of a brand new era of social, cultural and spiritual renaissance with a particularly strong awakening towards healing and alternative medicine. As for what New Age means to me and from where I stand, I use the name to emphasize a new and different way to do spiritual and energy healing by removing first all negative intruders that affect our health, and then once they are fully removed, by sending pure, loving and positive energy.

2/ Why does Nicholas Silver prefer to work with distance healing only?

No matter who you are, where you are and regardless of your beliefs, anyone can benefit from long distance New Age Healing. Reaching out to people worldwide becomes possible using information such as their name, date of birth, their location, but most importantly, their photograph. The photo is energetically linked to the person which enables an experienced clairsentient healer to work from distance without the person actually being present. 

3/ Why is there no photograph representing Nicholas?

As mentioned above, there is so much that can be done using only a single photograph. As an experienced healer, Nicholas has chosen not to appear in person in order to fully protect his integrity, his work and his research. We have found that by not representing the healer himself in any images, the client is free to assign any resemblance and meaning of his choosing without bias or prejudice therefore creating a stronger bond with the healer and making the healing process up to three times more effective.

4/ What are astral parasites?

Astral parasites are invisible, ethereal beings that attach themselves onto all living things (humans, animals and plants) and then leech off them to nourish and sustain themselves unbeknownst to their unfortunate hosts. No good ever comes out of their presence, and if they aren't removed soon enough they can afflict a significant amount of damage onto those they feed upon. No life form on the face of the earth is truly safe and secure from their invasive clutches and they appear in all manner of shapes and sizes with varying forms and attributes. 

However, they do not see themselves as being negative for they are simply living their lives using others as their main consumable energy source, which can be highly taxing for their unwilling and unsuspecting victims. If they are left unattended, the people they are feeding off of will gradually grow weaker exhibiting mental saturation, emotional turmoil, instability and other ailments which will either occur rapidly or develop slowly over time.

5/ What are evil spirits?

Evil spirits, as their name implies, are ethereal beings of pure malice who can take on many forms, shapes and sizes and delight in attaching themselves onto individuals who are in a heightened state of sensitivity or vulnerability thus creating a chaotic state of mind and emotional upheaval within their victims. They serve no purpose other than to manipulate their targets and can cause irritability, depression and aggressiveness among other unpleasantness and are usually found where dark magic has been created. Although they do not directly possess us, they can still strongly influence our perceptions and behaviors towards ourselves and others by silently and subtly placing bewitchments upon us of their own making. These bewitchments, which are a form of dark magic, need to be removed as well.

6/ What exactly are cords?

Cords are bonds created by parasites, evil spirits and ghosts as they attach themselves onto living beings. In order to truly be released from their detrimental hold and negative influence, all ties and connections with them must be forever severed if the person is to regain their actual independence and reclaim their freedom. Think of them as chains, for that is what they essentially are. We also create cords of our own when we form strong yet unhealthy emotional attachments towards other people, places and objects which can seriously limit our autonomy and restrain our potential for personal growth and evolution until such bonds that are holding us back are finally cut. 

7/ What exactly are implants?

Unlike cords, which are generated automatically, implants are small tracking devices that are deliberately placed by astral parasites and evil spirits within the aura of their hosts in order to keep track of them.  By doing so, they can stealthily and continuously drain their victim's energy while remaining undetected, even from a very long distance. There are about ten different types of implants altogether and every last one of them must be withdrawn along with the astral parasites that placed them there so as to ensure that their removal remains permanent. 

8/ What are energetic blockages and cysts and how do they materialize within the aura?

As we live our lives day by day, year after year, excessive amounts of dross or debris generated from our thoughts and feelings begin to accumulate and solidify into firm blockages that become deeply ingrained within our body's energetic system. These blockages can be a result of unresolved trauma and pent up stress that has never been properly evacuated and, thus, remains stored in our aura and physical body alongside other painful memories of bad or sad experiences. 

As our lifestyles become more hectic and demanding giving us more worries and responsibilities to deal with, we often feel like we are carrying the weight of the world upon our shoulders. 

Unfortunately, this stress and pressure also encourages the development of energetic blockages. As time goes on, these blockages increase in volume and start to prevent the body's energy from flowing freely in much the same way physical blood clots obstruct arteries from their natural and vital circulation throughout the body. These energetic blockages can eventually grow into large energetic cysts that will keep on expanding until they are properly removed and dealt with.

9/ What are energetic holes and fissures and how are they created within the aura?

When our aura is no longer healthy, radiant and full of life (as it should be), deformations can occur in certain places. Fissures or cracks will start to form on the surface and eventually lead to the creation of gaping holes within our subtle bodies. These in turn will attract parasites and entities who are seeking an easy doorway into one's already enfeebled auric field. One hole on it's own is enough to cause an energetic leakage where precious energy is being wasted, and the more vitality a person loses, the more tired they will feel. The more tired a person becomes, the longer it will take for them to fully recuperate from any illness or injury. Aside from occurring from physical wounds, the energetic holes and leakages can also occur if the person is suffering or has suffered from extreme mental and emotional distress. This is why the most severe fissures appear in the aura at the heart level after one has experienced a traumatic loss or is undergoing tremendous grief brought about by a painful heartbreak. Thus, all holes and fissures must be properly tended to and mended with utmost care so as to ensure that the auric field is fully and completely repaired from any past shocks and trauma.  

10/ What are magnetic grids?

Deep within the center of the earth, the magma contained at it's very core fuses with many metallic elements and forms magnetic grids, some of them named after individuals who discovered them (i.e. Curry, Hartman, Perey, Palm, Wissmann, etc.).

These grids have emerged up out of the ground and their magnetic lines run all across the globe through land and sea. While half of their lines are positive and energizing, the other half are negative and devitalizing. No matter where we live, we are always surrounded by an assortment of both good and bad energy lines, sometimes more of one than the other.

This is the reason why ancient builders always took heed to know exactly where these lines were passing through so they could position their homes, churches, and buildings accordingly.

Thus, many ancient buildings and structures throughout the world have been built on solid bases of positive energy emanating from the ground while avoiding at all cost those areas that were negative. Unfortunately, such important past knowledge has long been forgotten or deemed unimportant, and nowadays homes and buildings are being built on just about any place that seems habitable, especially in crowded metropolitan areas where any spot of land becomes a valued asset to build on. Building on negative energy lines can only result in highly disastrous living conditions for the uninformed residents.

​11/ What are Ley lines?

Ley lines, unlike magnetic grids, are the Earth's energetic veins and are what are known as ''Earth's energy lines''. In essence, they are the Earth's meridians just like every living being on the planet has their own meridians that ensure vital and optimal energetic circulation.

Do not confuse them with the previously mentioned magnetic grids which are ''magnetic''.

​12/ Why do negative memories remain within homes and other places?

Memories, whether positive or negative, become ingrained within the energy and cells that make up the fabric of all tangible matter such as places or inanimate objects. Because of this, there always remains a trace or record of every activity of every life form in any given place. This is why it is so imperative to clear and remove all energetic memories stored within the walls, floors and ceilings of every new home we move into so as not to be affected or weighed down by the lingering influence of it's former inhabitants. Every place hold it's own history, so it is very important for a house to be cleansed in order to make it truly feel like it's our home.

13/ What are chakras?

Chakras are small energy vortexes that are situated in strategic areas of our body and help in regulating the vital functions to which they are associated (such as at the throat and the heart, for example). There are seven major chakras within our body that are vertically aligned beginning at the base of our spine and ascending towards the top of our head. There are also many other chakras that exist beyond and below the physical body that we address as well in the cleansing/healing sessions. These other chakras are also related to our subtle bodies and need to be in optimal condition (open, rotating correctly and free of all energetic blockages) in order for the physical body to function and heal properly.