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The Etheric Body is the first subtle body within the aura and is in many ways a replica or duplicate of our physical body. An impending illness will usually appear first within our Etheric Body before it begins to materialize and take shape in our physical form. Thus the cleansing of the Etheric Body should imperatively be performed first before any other.

If you are suffering from any kind of pain or dealing with an acute or chronic illness, then a complete cleansing of the Etheric Body is urgently recommended to help strengthen the body's natural healing processes and to help alleviate, improve or even eliminate symptoms.

Also, if you find yourself getting sick more often than you should, then an Etheric Body cleansing is highly recommended to help strengthen and improve one's ability to fight off and resist future illnesses or to simply recuperate and heal more quickly and effectively from a current illness.

Every time we experience something physically traumatic such as an open wound, a broken bone or other serious injury, an energetic imprint of that event becomes embedded within the very fabric of our Etheric Body.  A person will gradually heal after the incident, but the energetic impressions will always remain until they have been removed from the aura itself.


In a healing session, all energetic blockages and negative elements contained within the Etheric Body will be removed. All entities, evil spirits and astral parasites leeching energy and bothering you will be gone. In addition, all holes will be patched, all fissures will be mended and any existing damage will be repaired in order to restore your Etheric Body back to it's original pristine condition.
Once the cleansing and restoration have been performed, you will be informed promptly by e-mail of all that was found and removed in your Etheric Body.

Fully cleansing the aura is the key to even greater health !

''I find myself standing straighter. Walking around now has become a lot easier for me, and I feel I have a lot more energy."

- John, Germany.

''My mother feels so much happier now, like the way I remember her being many years ago!  Removing all those negative elements on her has truly changed her for the better ! I can't believe I got my mother back !'' - Angela, USA.