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Initial Healing session cost $95 USD


This session lasts 90 minutes in duration, sometimes longer, depending

on the case and situation being treated.

You will also receive a detailed report of what has been

found and done for you

Depending on the complexity, severity and duration of your health condition(s),

additional healing sessions are normally required for me to best be able to help you.

Each additional healing session cost $75.


After placing your order and making your payment,

please follow the important instructions listed below...

- Contact me by e-mail at thenewagehealer@yahoo.com

- In your e-mail, please include the first name, last name and date of birth of yourself or the person wishing to receive the healing. Be sure to include the city and country you are currently living in or of that person for whom the healing is for.

- Please mention all the reasons as to why you are asking for my help... any physical pain anywhere in your body, afflictions, illnesses, etc. 

- Please attach to the e-mail two full body photos of yourself or the person wishing to receive the healing with no other person in the picture and preferably against a plain background. One picture must show the complete front of the person from head-to-toe facing the camera and the other picture must show the complete back of the person from head-to-heel.







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