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Black magic can be classified into two different categories depending on it's source. The first consists of spells cast by ill-willed people upon others (an individual, their entire family or their home being the most common) with the intent to cause harm or bring misfortune upon them, usually out of spite or jealousy and are typically referred to as curses, hexes or jinxes.

The second form of black magic includes bewitchments placed by evil spirits and certain astral parasites upon their hosts in order to gain control over their very essence and manipulate them into engaging in self-destructive behaviors or indulging in unhealthy addictions. Strong-minded individuals may be less affected at first but detrimental effects such as becoming irritable, aloof, irrational or aggressive to others will soon appear the longer they remain in the bewitched state until the dark magic has been lifted.

 You could be one of many who has become severely affected by dark forces and not even know it.
If you think you just might be under the influence of any spell of Black Magic... 
Please follow the important instructions listed below...

- Contact Nicholas by e-mail at nicholas@thenewagehealer.com

- In your e-mail, please include the first name, last name and date of birth of yourself or the person wishing to receive the free consultation. Be sure to include the city and country you are currently living in or of that person for whom the free consultation is for.

- Please mention all the reasons as to why you are asking for Nicholas' help... any physical pain anywhere in your body, afflictions, illnesses, etc. 

- Please attach to the e-mail a full body photo of yourself

''Freeing yourself of all black magic is the first step out of the woods, and back onto the right path leading you towards the light.''