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The human being is not only composed of a physical body but of an assemblage of seven different layers called subtle bodies, all intertwined and connected together, each supporting and depending on one another. All seven layers or subtle bodies together form what is collectively known as the human aura. 

Each one of these energetic bodies has a vital function of it's own and are as unique and important to your overall heath and well-being as your brain and heart are to your physical body. Simply put, we could not live without them and their balance and maintenance are critical if we wish to sustain a healthy and productive existence. To keep our physical bodies in check, we are constantly reminded to shower, eat right, brush our teeth, exercise and get enough sleep. Unfortunately, most of us never even acknowledge our seven subtle bodies which require just as much care and attention as our outer physical body does.

Although they are known under many different names, the main attributes of the seven subtle bodies remain the same. They are as follows :

- The Etheric Body is the closest to the physical body and the most easily affected.

- The Emotional Body is where matters of the heart and all emotions are stored.

- The Mental Body is where matters of the mind and all thoughts are stored.

- The Causal Body (also known as the Astral Body) is where our patterns of behavior and former experiences are stored. 

- The Spiritual Body (also known as the Atmic Body) opens our soul to connecting with the higher essences of our own being.

- The Divine Body connects us with the collective mind of the creator for the evolution of all humankind.

Having your subtle bodies cleansed can make all the difference !!