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The Astral Body (also known as the Causal Body because we are dealing with actual causes and their effects on our health) is the fourth subtle body within the aura and is where our patterns of behavior and former life experiences are stored. 


This is the body that houses all of our memories and personal conditioning formed not only from our present life during childhood but from our numerous past lives as well, which have all shaped who we are today. Many of these past lives still affect us to this day depending on the severity of the trauma we had experienced then. Old memories from former wounds will slowly begin to arise in order to be properly healed after many years of being dormant. 

 During the cleansing, many past life wounds, old programming and negative memories that no longer benefit you will be removed as well as any outdated vows or agreements you might have made in your former lives that are holding you back from becoming who you truly are, the person you were meant to be all along.