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Just because you cannot see something does not mean it does not exist ...

... there is so much more around us  than the naked eye could ever see

The need for negative energy removal, restoration and re-energizing


Unfortunately, conventional medical doctors today do not focus on the existence of other harmful factors  that are extremely detrimental to our health which are often the underlying causes of many pains, afflictions and illnesses.  These are negative energetic elements and entities that exist on and within our bodies that are non-detectible or visible to conventional doctors, but are destroying our health and wreaking tremendous havoc on our bodies and immune system all the same.  We need to remember that modern medicine and science (as advanced as it may be and as far as it has come) ... does not hold the answers to everything.  There is still so much around us that doctors are not aware of simply because they cannot see it.  Bear in mind back in the early 1800's, doctors were not even aware of bacteria's existence simply because it was not yet visible.  Indeed times have changed so much since then and astronomical medical progress has been made ... but there is still so much more yet to be explored and so much more around us than doctors can physically or technologically see!!   


As a pyschic clairsentient healer, I am highly tuned in to all kinds of energy vibrations and their frequencies, and I can definitely feel and vouch for that these non-visible, negative energetic elements and entities do exist within and on our body as well as in our homes.  They are extremely harmful to us and have a direct negative impact on our overall physical, mental and emotional health.  Not only do they subtly and slowly drain our body's physical and mental energies making us tired, weak and more prone to all kinds of illnesses and diseases, but they are often the root cause of many unexplained pains and afflictions. 

Without a doubt, they undermine our physical and mental strength as well as our emotional well-being.

As hard as it may be for you to believe in the unseen and in all things yet to be officially scientifically proven, know that these highly negative energetic phenomena which have been around since the beginning of time, are only another form of science beyond most people's capabilities to comprehend due to the fact that they have either lost their innate sensitivity for subtle perception (psychic abilities) or have not yet fully developed all of the extrasensorial faculties required to both detect and treat them.  Even hypnosis, which was once considered a dark age practice, has been successfully implemented and accepted worldwide due to its many therapeutic  benefits. 


Of course, today's doctors with their modern technology have mastered the art of diagnosing most illnesses and diseases, and I have a great amount of respect for them. But, they often still have trouble diagnosing the root cause of a patient's pain or chronic symptoms and can only offer medications without really solving the problem.  This is where a clairsentient healer can help to step in and search for all negative energetic elements in the person's body and energy field that the doctor cannot see or find that could be the root cause of the problem.

Negative energetic elements and entities found on or within us causing us harm

  • Human as well as non-human entities and spirits attached onto or within us leeching our energy creating physical weakness as well as changes in our behavior

  • Negative energetic links (cords) bonding us to harmful spirits or holding us so we can't move on 

  • All kinds of "black magic", curses and spells placed upon us by ill-willed people or malevolent spirits to control us and make our lives miserable

  • Energetic blockages weakening our immune system leading to illness

  • Slowly developing cysts in our body's energy field leading to disease in our physical body

  • Pent-up layers of negative mental and emotional energies from heartaches, regret, anger, frustration, disappointment ... that eventually create sickness or afflictions within our physical body

  • Fissures, leaks and holes within our energy field affecting our physical and mental health

  • Painful memories still engrained within us of emotional wounds or physical afflictions suffered in our past lives 

  • Negative programming and binding contracts still subconsciously controlling us from past lives

Negative energetic elements and entities found in our homes or businesses affecting us:

  • Metaphysical portals and energetic doorways allowing negative entities free entry

  • Human as well as non-human entities and spirits nesting within 

  • Negative energetic memories and vibrational imprints of former residents and events stored within the very fabric of the rooms, walls, ceilings, floors and doors

  • All kinds of "black magic", curses and spells placed upon your home, business or land lot

  • Energetic ley lines or magnetic grids crossing through your home disrupting sleep or creating sickness

  • The interference of energetic vortexes, telluric and cosmic energy channels on your health

  • The negative influence of underground currents or subterranean streams crossing underneath

All of these negative energetic entities and elements listed above are as real as you and me, and they have a severe impact on our health on every level ... many are even precursors to worse illness and disease if they are left unattended.   All of them absolutely and undeniably need to be removed from our homes and our bodies in order for us to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally and to allow our bodies to start to heal more effectively.  Only then, will we be able to really thrive and be as strong and healthy as our bodies and minds can possibly be.  Especially for those who have already been struggling with some form of pain or illness for a while, they need to be removed immediately so your body can begin its important work of healing more efficiently.  


Helping our body to strengthen it's immune system so it can fight back more efficiently is a much needed priority for everyone, and this is exactly what I will do for you in my cleansing and healing sessions.

Benefits to negative element and entity removal, restoration and re-energizing:
  • It can allievate, improve and in some cases eliminate your acute or chronic symptoms or pain.
  • It can greatly increase the chances of recuperating more quickly and efficiently from any kind of illness or distress.
  • It can stop an energetic cyst from manifesting into the physical form.
  • It can help bring more productive sleep.
  • It is one of the very best preventive measures we can take to help our immune system stay strong against illness and to maintain and ensure our good health for years to come.
  • It can help reduce or remove the pain of heartache or other trauma in the Emotional Subtle Body so that it will no longer have a hold on you or keep you from moving on.
  • It can help reduce or remove psychological trauma held within the Mental Subtle Body.
  • It can help remove past life wounds and old programming within the Causal Subtle Body that are subconsciously negatively affecting you today. 
  • It can help in making you more receptive to connecting with your own Higher Self.

No matter who you are, where you are and regardless of your beliefs, anyone can benefit from my long distance New Age healing.  Reaching out to people worldwide becomes possible through simple information (name, location, date of birth) and a photograph which allows me to energetically connect with the client.  The photo is of utmost important because it is energetically linked to the person who needs the healing.  This enables a psychic clairsentient healer, like myself, to work from a distance without the person actually being present or having to actively participate in the session.  Likewise for home and business clearings and blessings, it is easy for me to energetically connect to the house from a distance with a photo and a simple floor plan.


  • 100% safe with no side effects.

  • A natural way of truly helping to heal yourself, to alleviate or eliminate your symptoms and to help keep illnesses at bay.

  • A promising method with results and improvements varying depending on the person and case being treated. Changes will take a little time to manifest themselves as the body begins to respond and react to the cleansing, so some patience is required during this time.

  • Distance energy cleansing and healing can be experienced from the comfort of your own home no matter where you live.

  • Available for everyone including children and pets as well as house  and business cleansing


  • There's no awkward hands-on physical contact whatsoever.

  • There's no black magic or occult rituals involved or performed whatsoever.

  • There's no hypnosis or subconscious reprogramming done whatsoever.

  • There's no form of Reiki energy healing whatsoever.

  • There's no belief system required to be able to benefit from this body and energy field cleansing whatsoever.

  • There's no active participation needed on your part.

  • This is not a quick overnight miracle ''cure''.

The importance of having your house cleansed as well ...


... you cannot truly be healthy if the place that you are living in is not.  As you can see, the many negative energetic elements and entities that can be found within our homes are equally detrimental to the health, harmony and happiness of the individuals living within. Therefore, I highly recommend to cleanse both the body and home at the same time as they have a direct influence on each other.  

Do not wait or waste any more years not feeling your best, and start to reclaim the good health that is rightfully yours.  Treat yourself and those you love to my cleansing and healing sessions, and put all the chances for good health in your favor.

There is always hope

         for healing

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