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Because it's all the THINGS THAT WE DON'T SEE ...


  • Do you ever find yourself getting sick too frequently?

  • Do you ever wonder if you are doing everything you can to prevent yourself from becoming ill, and yet it's still not enough?


  • Are you currently suffering from an acute or chronic illness or affliction?

  • Are you struggling with pain that you just cannot seem to alleviate?  



  • Are you dealing with an emotional distress (heartache, anxiety, depression...) that is making your life miserable?

Or perhaps, you are just not feeling quite like yourself anymore...

as if something or someone has you in their clutches?  

Well, you are not alone or crazy for feeling the way you do...

The good news is there is still HOPE for A LOT of people to feel better, alleviate or even eliminate symptoms and to improve their overall health and mood. Why? Because the KEY to stopping our misery and helping the body's healing

is usually found within our AURA.


Over 90% of the time, whatever ails us is deeply rooted within the very fabric of our soul which is known as the human aura.

But wait there's more...

Did you know that your aura is like an onion and is composed of many layers

referred to as subtle bodies? 


The FIRST FOUR LAYERS or subtle bodies of your aura are of the utmost importance

to be treated for they are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL in maintaining



Our Aura is affected by all the stresses, traumas and negativities 

that we experience in our daily lives. Every trauma inflicted on us

becomes embedded in our Etheric, Emotional and Mental bodies. 

    As a result, our aura can become:

  • Severely damaged and deformed with fissures, holes and blockages.

  • Cloudy, dull, heavily polluted and de-energized.

  • Infected by all kinds of negative elements (entities, astral parasites, evil spirits...)

All of these INTERNAL TRAUMAS combined with external factors

(such as where we live, astral parasites, evil spirits, etc.) not only DRAIN

OUR VITALITY but also fill our auras with many TOXIC ENERGIES 

that need to be fully and regularly evacuated.


If these highly noxious energies that are stored within us

are not properly removed in time, THEY WILL BEGIN TO MAKE US SICK 

(either acutely or on a recurring basis or chronically) on all levels of our being ... 

if not today, then MOST ASSUREDLY at some point in the near future. 

Unfortunately, conventional medicine focuses only on our physical body!
But who takes care of all the other bodies that make up who we are?

Our aura is TOO OFTEN NEGLECTED but is such a vital part of our very being.

It totally surrounds our physical body and the health and maintenance of it

greatly affects who we are ... our physical condition, our mood and well-being.


People will often go on a diet, do a fast or take supplements to feel better,


to put all the chances for improving their health on their side!

You would be amazed and even shocked at all that can be found hidden

within our aura that has manifested itself over a lifetime.

Here is typically what a stressed untreated human aura can and often looks like BEFORE a full cleansing session.  ALL OF US are silently affected by AT LEAST ONE OR SEVERAL of these NEGATIVE ELEMENTS.

Here is what the treated human aura and the chakras

will look like AFTER a full cleansing session.

It's all very simple...

Repairing, cleansing and maintaining our aura

is the FIRST MOST IMPORTANT STEP that we can take

in healing our body from within.

My name is Nicholas Silver. I am a Clairsentient Healer and an Aura Expert who devotes his life to helping people all over the world in removing dozens of negative elements, beings and obstacles that are invisible to the naked eye but are stored within our auras and hidden within our homes that can wreak havoc to our health and well-being.
I possess unique abilities and a highly advanced knowledge passed on to me that allows me to detect and remove every last one of these negative factors. Most people can neither see nor feel nor fully grasp the underlying nature of my capabilities.

Furthermore, I am always surrounded and assisted by beautiful angelic beings of Love and Light whenever I perform my personal sessions which greatly enhances the potency of the cleansing and healing received.  During the first hour of the session, I remove all obstacles and negative elements one by one that I find which are causing the body harm and are slowing down or blocking the body's natural healing processes. I then proceed to cleanse, repair and restore the aura and the corresponding chakras. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I then entrust the client to a collective gathering of Higher Beings for the second vital phase, who will together energize the now cleaned and unobstructed aura.  As a result, the client will be able to receive and absorb the full extent of their many benefits and blessings. This second phase grants people the unique opportunity to genuinely come into contact with the Higher Power leading to a much more intense  healing session.

My client's health, well-being and privacy will always be my number one priority. 

I am very honored and grateful to be able to help as many people as I can to live better, healthier and happier lives.

Can in many cases, eliminate or at least improve the symptoms of various physical ailments and emotional distresses.
Can greatly increase the chances of recuperating from any kind of illness or distress.
Is one of the very best preventive measures we can take to maintaining and ensuring our health for years to come.


  • 100% safe with no side effects.

  • A genuine way of truly helping to heal yourself, to alleviate or eliminate your symptoms or to help keep illnesses at bay.

  • A promising method with results that can show for some people in as little as 21 days depending on the person and case being treated. Changes will take a little time to manifest themselves as the body begins to respond and react to the cleansing, so some patience is required during this time.

  • Online remote healing can be experienced from the comfort of your own home no matter where you live.

  • Available for everyone including children, pets and even house  cleansing


  • There's no awkward hands-on physical contact whatsoever.

  • There's no black magic or occult rituals involved or performed whatsoever.

  • There's no hypnosis or subconscious reprogramming done whatsoever.

  • There's no form of Reiki energy healing sent your way whatsoever.

  • There's no belief system required to be able to benefit from this aura cleansing whatsoever.

  • There's no active participation needed on your part.

What you will receive with each session

One full hour of negative element removal, cleansing, repairing and restoring of the aura as well as of the corresponding chakras from Nicholas per Healing Session

One half hour or more of personal and direct Divine Engery Healing from a collective gathering of Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters 

Once the cleansing and restoration have been performed, you will be informed promptly by e-mail of all negative elements that were found and removed for you.


Each Subtle Body cleansing can be ordered separately or you can save and order them together as a bundle for a more complete aura cleansing which can greatly increase your chances of recuperating or simply maintaining optimal health. 


For best results, getting the bundle of 4 is highly recommended !

I prefer to keep my prices affordable to make these unique healing services

available to ANYONE and EVERYONE who needs my help.

  Take the first step towards fully



Only when the first four subtle bodies have been fully cleansed and restored, can you advance onto the final two bodies remaining (the Spiritual Body and the Divine Body) to progress even further if you wish to for an ultimate and fully complete aura cleansing.



If you have any questions or need clarifications, please click on our FAQ link at the top of the page.  You can also view our privacy and disclaimer links at the bottom of the page. 


Please feel free to CONTACT Nicholas for any questions or concerns you may have, and you will receive a prompt and personalized answer.